About Me

Seven Thymes puts the special into every occasion...

From the time I could walk, I began collecting flowers (and other lovely things). In the spring I'd set out daily to gather all the pretty little yellow flowers that grew wild on our one acre parcel. On the hot summer days when my grandmother came to visit, I'd take hold of her firm hand and lead her along the old country road where the tall flowers grew. It never did take much coaxing, as she loved flowers just as much as I did. I never got tired of hearing her tell me the name of each flower along that path, as if introducing an old friend. I now long to hear her voice as the sight of each Black-Eyed Susan calls her to mind.

Flowers are a part of the fabric of our lives. Like our closest family, and most loyal friends, they are with us in times of joy and sorrow, and every day in between.

Flowers have a special way of bringing people together, and bringing to mind memories of those we've lost.

They often communicate our thoughts better than words can, and have the ability to soften a heart, and ease the pain of a broken one.

They are a gift of love, a token of affection, a message of hope, a promise of forever, a welcome-to-the-world, a "thank you" and "well done!", a prayer for the future, a reminder you aren't alone, an apology for the mistake, and a comfort for those they leave behind.

Flowers. Nature's masterpiece. The essence of peace.