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Joelle Miller, floral designer and owner of Seven Thymes Floral Studio in Neenah, WI. From concept to install, Joelle works with her clients to create lovely, one-of-a-kind fresh and forever indoor and outdoor floral arrangements for home, business, and special events. enjoy

I believe that every day is a special day, so, use the pretty dishes, wear the nice dress, and stick some pretty flowers in that crystal vase! Flowers. We don't need a reason to give or display them.

Thyme...for trends

The floral industry is much like fashion; we rediscover beauty in ever-evolving styles. We suddenly find beauty in a blossom that has long been overlooked, or bring attention to one that's unfamiliar. What we embrace in color, line, shape, form, texture and expression is always changing. For me, these are exciting changes! I love to share with others my interpretation of the newest trends, while continuing to add new touches to well-loved styles from the past.

Thyme...for her

There is a simple elegance that is accentuated in every woman who is tastefully adorned with flowers. Whether it's a delicate corsage to grace her wrist or fasten to her dress, flowers bring out the beauty in the one who receives the love.

Thyme...for us

Your wedding day should be a reflection of you; and your flowers an expression of who your are. Therefore, it is important to me that I get to know you as well as your preference of style and design. As a florist, I depend on my knowledge of the individual needs and habits of each individual flower type. I depend on the elements and principles of design when considering size, shape, and color. As an artist and friend, I depend on my knowledge of who you are and the type of beauty you are drawn to to interpret your style into my design.

Thyme...for him

The boutonniere is one of my favorite floral accessories to design. Though a buttonhole is small in size, it has great significance. With his lovely bride beside me, I carefully borrow from her bouquet a few chosen blooms. These delicate flowers, worn close to his heart, were lovingly chosen by the one who stole his.

Thyme...for cake

Lavender, roses, violas, and violets are just a few of the many edible flowers available to adorn your cake and other refreshments. Frosting can not replace the fragrance and beauty of a fresh flower. I work closely with our local bakers to create desserts that are pleasing to the eye and the palate.


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The other lovely things matter too. That is why we offer a wide variety of items for entertaining. In our design studio you will find a generous assortment of new and vintage candlestick holders, antique vases, crystal glassware, Bohemian crystal serveware, silver pitchers and serveware, and lovely vintage china in a variety of colors and patterns.

Thyme...for pictures

Creating a backdrop that looks lovely even without the models is a must! Whether your style is timeless and traditional, rustic and romantic, shabby and chic, minimalistic and modern, or the bold and beautiful boho, we can create a stunning floral back drop for any indoor or outdoor event.

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